There's More to Parenting

To flourish, children need relationships that provide a sense of safety and empathy. A secure relationship with a parent can provide lifelong benefits for the child. Essential elements of a secure relationship include attachment, attunement and reflective functioning. These psychoanalytic ideas help parents support their child's cognitive development and psychological wellbeing.

Center for Reflective Parenting (CRP) is dedicated to strengthening parent-child relationships by increasing a parent's capacity for reflective thinking. Their programs promote a relationship-based, mindful and reflective approach to parenting for parents, caregivers, and professionals from a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Center for Reflective Parenting provides advanced training for mental health and early childhood professionals, offers direct services to parents and young children, and conducts research in the field of parent-child relationships.

Both of CRP's core programs RPP and MPG have been qualified by the California Institute of Mental Health as Community Defined Evidence (CDE) group models for prevention and early intervention. This distinction has allowed community mental health centers throughout Los Angeles County to be trained in the RPP and MPG models. The trained mental health professionals are then able to provide these innovative programs to the families they serve.

  • Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) offers an innovative approach to parenting. Individuals learn to be strong, effective parents while remaining sensitive and responsive to their child's needs. The curriculum-led Reflective Parenting Workshop helps parents understand the often subtle, nonverbal cues that accompany a child's behavior as meaningful communications - a skill that facilitates healthy development and secure attachments.
  • Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG) are weekly experiential, interactive groups designed to enhance parents' capacity to "read" their babies' and/or toddlers' cues and communications. Each group creates the conditions for parents to experience, cultivate, and practice the art of mindful curiosity about their own and their infant's experience while also addressing practical concerns about behavioral and emotional issues typical of infants and toddlers. This mindful approach is shown to increase parents' reflective capacity, which in turn supports secure parent-infant attachment and healthy child development.

Other programs include:

  • Reflective Teacher Training (RTT) which helps school teachers and staff enhance the relationship between teacher and student in support of creating a secure environment for effective learning.
  • Reflective Care Program (RCP) which is a training program for care-giving professionals in various residential or child care settings, focused on enhancing the relationship between caregiver and child to support optimal developmental outcomes.

CRP has partnered with several agencies, including Family Service of Santa Monica, Hope Street Family Center, and TIES for Families. CRP and NCP continue to co-sponsor RPP and MPG trainings. The success of CRP's programs can be seen in the testimonials of the trained professionals, the increasing demand for trainings and parenting groups, and most importantly, in the parents, children, and families who are served.

Reflective thinking improves developmental outcomes and creates resiliency in children. It communicates safety, attunement, and empathy that provide lifelong physical, mental and emotional benefits for children.

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