THRIVE Infant-Family Program

Our vision is to understand the emotional development of the infant from the beginning, to facilitate communication in the infant-caregiver relationship, and to provide an environment for infants to thrive.

We study the infants' capacities for emotional communication and social relatedness as well as the corresponding abilities of the caregiver. Our therapeutic interventions clarify infant communication and facilitate caregiver empathy and response. THRIVE provides training and education for professionals and disseminates knowledge to the community

THRIVE Infant-Family Program provides Infant Observation Seminars for members of the community in the Tavistock Method. Observation


THRIVE Infant-Family Program has created a smartphone APP for the iPhone, iPad and iPod platforms with grants from the American Psychoanalytic Foundation through the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Psychoanalytic Association and from private donors.

See the APP here


We are working to raise funds to create an Android version of the APPs, translate them to Spanish and develop our website for a Parent2Parent feedback platform so parents using our APPS have a space to communicate with us and tell us their stories in response to the APPS.

Adjunct Membership

You may also wish to become am Adjunct Member of THRIVE Infant-Family Program to support us in our work and to participate in our Work Discussion Groups.