Course List
Title Presenter(s) Date
Klein, Winnicott and Bion: Clinical Convergence and Theoretical Differences Professor Robert Hinshelwood, Professor Lesley Caldwell, Joseph Aguayo, Ph.D., David James Fisher, Ph.D. & John Lundgren, M.D. 3/23/2017
Dreams and Nightmares of Children Van DeGolia, M.D.. Susan Donner, M.D., Jeanette Gadt, Ph.D. & Robert Moradi, M.D. 3/25/2017 $55.00
Using Deliberate Practice to Enhance Psychotherapy Training and Supervision Tony Rousmaniere, Ph.D. 3/3/2017 $55.00
The Reflective Parent: How to Do Less and Relate More with Your Kids Regina Pally, M.D. 2/25/2017 $55.00
From Klein to Bion: A Practical Introduction to Kleinian, Neo-Kleinian, and Post-Kleinian Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique Glenn Mowbray, Psy.D. 6/3/2017 $55.00
Making the Most of Reflective Supervision: An Introduction to Reflective Practice Diane Reynolds, MFT 3/2/2017 $140.00
Masculinity, femininity and adolescence in today's psychoanalytic clinic Willy APOLLON, Danielle BERGERON and Lucie CANTIN 3/9/2017 $275.00