Course List
Date Fee
Adele Tutter lecture 11/18/2017
WINNICOTT AND THE BRITISH INDEPENDENT GROUP-Sold Out Adam Philips and Panel 10/28/2017
The Erotics of Memory: The art of Giuseppe Penone Adele Tutter, MD, PhD 11/18/2017 $55.00
The Erotics of Knowing: An extra-transferential aspect of analytic erotism Adele Tutter, MD, PhD 11/16/2017 $20.00
Countertransference: History, Evolution, Illustration Alan Karbelnig, PhD., ABPP 12/9/2017 $55.00
The Suffering Stranger: Attitudes for Everyday Clinical Understanding and Responding Donna M. Orange, PhD 1/13/2018 $45.00