Course List
Presenter(s) Date Fee
Conversion Hysteria Adam Philips 10/26/2017 $40.00
Morality in the Modern World Sadomasochism, the Superego, and Two Systems Kerry Kelly Novick & Jack Novick 9/14/2017 $20.00
OCD and Sadomasochism Kerry Kelly Novick & Jack Novick 9/16/2017 $55.00
Psychoanalysis and that Thing: The Psychoanalytic Symptom and the Human Quest in the post-Lacanian work of the Freudian School of Quebec (EFQ) Apurva Shah, M.D. & Bettina Soestwohner, PhD. 10/7/2017 $55.00
Slouching Towards Mortality: Thoughts on Time and Death Warren Poland, M.D. 10/19/2017 $40.00
The Suffering Stranger: Attitudes for Everyday Clinical Understanding and Responding Donna M. Orange, PhD 1/13/2018 $45.00
WINNICOTT AND THE BRITISH INDEPENDENT GROUP Adam Philips and Panel 10/28/2017 $165.00