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Don't Think Twice 7:30 p.m.  |  View Full Calendar

Presented by Albert Morell, Ph.D. & Jill Lummus, PsyD,


With Credit: $20.00

Don’t Think Twice is a smart, funny, and honest comedy about a six-person comedy team, known as The Commune, that has killed onstage for 11 years, waiting for its big break. When one of the group becomes a solo success, the movie explores the feelings and reactions of others, including envy, anger, a sense of loss and self-doubt.

Learning objectives:

1)    Participants will understand how humor, wit, comic timing, and laughter provide pleasure by playing on our defenses against aggression, misfortune, pain, and humiliation.

2)    Participants will understand, through the film, how to examine the effects of envy on group dynamics when humor fails, and apply that to clinical situations

3)    Participants will apply Freud’s concept of mourning to explore the loss of a dream as illustrated in the film.

Albert Morell, Ph.D., is a Lacanian clinical and research analyst in private and institutional practice. He is a former university lecturer in literature, philosophy and film studies, as well as a former screenwriter. He is co-editor of The Los Angeles Psychologist, and is founder and delegate of the California Forum of the Internationale des Forums École de Psychoanalyse des Forums du Champ Lacanien (IF-EPFCL), based in Paris, France.

Jill Lummus, PsyD, an Advanced Clinical Associate at NCP, and on the faculty of their Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, where she teaches courses on Gender & Sexuality, and Psychosis.  She has a Masters of Fine Art in Acting from Rutgers University.  In 2012, she was the first recipient of the Elyn Saks Scholarship for work with patients with psychotic states of mind.