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Take your education — and your practice — to the next level

The New Center makes the theory of psychoanalysis relevant. We don't adhere to any single theory as the key to psychoanalytic understanding; instead, we recognize the potential benefits of integrating the various schools of psychoanalytic thought. Through their studies, our students gain greater self-understanding, greater fulfillment in their careers and more enrichment in their personal lives.

The Center does the following:
  • Provides a forum for stimulating and supportive affiliations within a collegial community of diverse, highly trained professionals
  • Trains qualified applicants in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis
  • Educates clinicians about the theory of psychoanalytic psychotherapy
  • Supports psychoanalytic research and scholarship
  • Cooperates with community organizations to promote mental health awareness and education
  • Promotes the application of psychoanalytic insights to mental health care and academia
  • Offers a low-fee psychoanalytic clinic
  • Maintains an extensive psychoanalytic library for members, students, researchers and the community

The Center is known for its superior ability to produce skilled practitioners of psychoanalysis, academicians in psychoanalytic research and contributors to the corpus of psychoanalytic knowledge.