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Our Vision

To explore the mind and human behavior and relationships in all their depth and complexity in order to foster healing and growth for the enhancement of the individual, the family and society.

Our Mission

To utilize evolving psychoanalytic concepts in investigating and understanding the human experience.

To apply these ideas to guide clinical work, to meet the needs of the local community and to serve society.

Our Objectives
  • To train psychoanalysts, educate psychotherapists and academicians in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis
  • To offer continuing education from a psychoanalytic perspective to mental health providers in order to enhance professional knowledge and clinical skills
  • To participate in intellectual discourse, support research and interdisciplinary study of psychoanalytic theory and treatment
  • To provide psychoanalytically informed treatment
  • To inform the public, cultural institutions and the media about psychoanalytic ideas
  • To apply psychoanalytic insights to the world in which we live
Who We Are

A diverse, collegial affiliation of individuals dedicated to Psychoanalysis.