Expand your clinical expertise.

The Center's Child Psychoanalytic Program is to designed to train clinicians who work with children by expanding their theoretical framework and clinic expertise. However, we believe that a deeper understanding of child development augments your clinical work with adults.

ADMISSION Requirements

The Child Program is open to all analysts who qualify. With the approval of the Progression Committee, candidates may participate concurrently in the Adult and Child Programs. Applicants should submit a written request to the co-chairs of the Child Psychoanalytic Training Program.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Child Psychoanalytic Training Program, each candidate must successfully complete the following theoretical and clinical requirements:

  • Attend all required seminars
  • Attend continuous case conference seminars for two academic years
  • Conduct three supervised child cases; pre-latency, latency and adolescent phases of development recommended, seen at least four times per week for at least one year (for certification) with at least two different child psychoanalyst supervisors
  • Present each case to the IAC before commencing psychoanalytic treatment
  • Submit annual case write-ups and a final summary at the completion of the treatment
  • Attend monthly child psychoanalytic study group

Our faculty is comprised of child psychoanalysts from the Center and other psychoanalytic programs across the nation. Candidates are encouraged to select advisors from our diverse faculty.

For complete details about this training program, please consult the brochure and contact the Center at: info@n-c-p.org.